How to write a resume for a real estate agent

A real estate resume includes a summary of qualifications, work experience. It is very important that yours stand out from the crowd. It has the advantage of being easier to demonstrate your success in real estate than in other sectors, as gross income figures will measure your success, and it is also important that you appear in a real estate agent's curriculum vitae.

If you are already a seasoned agent with real estate experience, it's time to summarize your career in a real estate agent resume that tells you who you are, your values, your mission, and what you have achieved and hope to achieve.

Basic resume information for real estate agents

Enter your contact information. Include your office address, phone number and email. You want the client to be able to contact you as quickly as possible to arrange an interview. Review the resume several times before you send it in. If you miss it, ask at least one other user to read it. One mistake in pronunciation, grammar, or layout is enough to have your resume automatically deleted. Here are a few key sections a real estate agent resume should have:

Introduction and career goals

This is the first written section of realtor resume, which should summarize who you are and what you want to accomplish professionally. For example, you may be inspired by phrases such as: a real estate agent with a proven sales history, able to run your own business through aggressive prospecting and networking, successfully close deals, work with owners and manage buildings and grow over time.


Include a segment detailing the qualifications for this role. Include the type of degree you received, the school you attended, and the date of graduation. Include your real estate license number and the states in which it is valid. The inclusion of any business certificate may relate to the real estate broker job you received.

Work Experience

Compile a list of your relevant real estate positions based on your most recent employment. Include your employer's name, location, position, the time you worked for the company, and a full description of your job duties. Highlight aspects of your resume that will help you succeed as a real estate agent.