Christmas Wish Toy Appeal

Barnardos Australia – Auburn Children’s Family Centre is proud to be the charity partner of Guildford Leagues Christmas Wish Toy Appeal.

We are calling for our members and guests to support the appeal with toys from Monday 27th November 2023.

The Christmas Wish Toy Appeal aims to create a brighter Christmas for families experiencing hardship or crisis, through the delivery of toys to those in need. It can make an incredible difference to the lives of those needing a little helping hand this festive season.

Please support this initiative by dropping off a gift toy under the Christmas Tree at Guildford Leagues Club.

How do I get involved?

  1. Just select a tag off the Christmas Tree that has an age description as located near the Club’s Reception.
  2. Purchase a toy from the shops.
  3. Return the wrapped purchased toy to the Club (we are also happy to wrap the toy for you) and place the gift under the tree with the tag.