Funding for community organisations

At Guildford Leagues Club we are proud to give back to our community and annually donate funds for a wide range of worthy causes through the ClubGRANTS scheme. Local organisations may seek funds through any of three categories:

Category 1: Supports community welfare and social services; community development; employment assistance activities; community health services; and projects aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people.

Category 2: Provides funding for general community development and support activities, such as junior sport

Category 3: Is a state-wide fund that supports large-scale community infrastructure projects. Grants are available for sport, emergency and disaster relief, and arts and culture infrastructure.


A whopping $406,088.97 was given to worthy organisations by Guildford Leagues Club in the 2020 ClubGRANTS year.


Cancer Patients Foundation Limited – $10,000
MTC Australia Limited – $15,000
Foster Care Angels Incorporated – $6,500
PThe Shepherd Centre – For Deaf Children – $10,000
Mercy Works Limited – $15,000
Australian Red Cross Society – $8,844
Miracle Babies Foundation Ltd – $7,500
Delta Society Australia Limited – $5,000
Stalight Children’s Foundation Australia – $7,000
Shine For Kids Cooperative Limited – $8,452


Guildford Leagues Men’s Bowling Club – $1,831.73
Guildford Leagues Women’s Bowling Club – $3,433.00
Guildford Leagues Cricket Club – $5,000
Guildford Leagues Fishing Club – $1,000
Guildford Leagues Social Golf Club – $1,651.25
Guildford Leagues Wombat’s Senior Golf Club – $4,844.00
Guildford Leagues Junior Rugby League Club – $13,000
Guildford Leagues Knights Netball Club – $1,598.80
Guildford Leagues Snooker Club – $2,400.50
Acknowledgement & Promotion of Sport – $27,083.30
Sporting Grounds Maintanence – $268,950.39


Detailed information on the ClubGRANTS process, including guidelines application processes and downloadable forms can be obtained through the ClubsNSW website at the ClubGrants Website